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A collection of home range plugins

Developing python plugins for QGIS is easy, cheap, and fast. Our aim is to have a toolbox in which anybody can add her/his own preferred analyses.

Deatailed instructions to install QGIS:

Home Range plugin

Dev: Anne Ghisla

See and


Dev: Borys Jurgiel

The idea: given a series of polygons (home ranges, possibly from Anne plugin) and a containing polygon (the study area), throws the polygons randomly many times (N chosen by the user) and calculates the average overlap between them.

A few notes:

  • if a HR is a multipolygon, it is rotated and moved as a whole
  • for very small ranges, rounding errors may cause problem; however, this is insignificant for any animal with home ranges larger then 10 m2

The plugin is available through the QGIS official repo.


Dev: Borys Jurgiel

Description to be added. See

The plugin is available through the QGIS official repo.


You're welcome to add your most needed plugin, either by writing it on your own or by hiring a programmer. The AniMove project and Faunalia can help you.