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This service is a part of the AniMove project. It helps users of free and open source software for the analysis of animal home range and movements to notify developers of bugs and issues they find in the software.
Any HR project can be added here, provided it is free and open source.
The first and most prominent is adehabitat, and others may be added.

Note of 2 November 2011: Home Range QGIS plugin has a new bug tracker, on unified QGIS trac. Open bugs and enhancement requests have been closed in this trac and reopened there, and old closed issues are only in this trac. Thanks Faunalia for hosting during these first development years!

To view currently open bugs and wishes, click on View Tickets above.
To open a new bug or a suggestion for improvement, click on New Ticket.

Please note: authentication is required to add and edit tickets. Use the email address of your subscription to the mailing list for access, and the relative password (if you forgot, you can obtain the password using the same web page).

Thanks to: Clément Calenge for writing Adehabitat, Anne Ghisla for her Home Range QGIS plugin, Sander Oom, Leonardo Lami for his GRASS scripts, Emilia Venturato, Ferdinando Urbano, Wayne Getz, Damiano Preatoni, Scott Fortmann-Roe, Faunalia and many others.

The AniMove Team

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